Meet The Team

We are proud to introduce our amazing Active Wellbeing team. Read below to get to know our class teachers and discover more about how they make up our friendly, qualified team.

Other qualified teachers and experienced behaviour professionals work alongside and support our classroom staff.

We also employ additional specialist staff including speech and language and occupational therapists. 

Meet our teaching staff!


Mr Parsons

Meet Mr Kev Parsons, our Head Teacher at Active Wellbeing.


Miss Nicola

Miss Nicola joined Active Wellbeing in November 2022. She teaches in the Seeds Phase of our school with a focus on EYFS / Key Stage 1 curriculum coverage.

Miss Nicola’s favourite subject is literacy as she loves the variety of creative journeys which reading has to offer. She values taking pupils on new adventures and exposing pupils to new vocabulary through the use of stories.


Miss Chloe

Miss Chloe joined Active Wellbeing in November 2022 as a supply teacher before starting full time in January 2023.

Miss Chloe teaches across all of our classes and loves providing a fun, inclusive educational programme for our pupils, where everyone feels welcomed and valued.


Miss Annette

Miss Annette joined Active Wellbeing in September 2021. She teaches pupils in the Seeds Phase of our school with a focus on EYFS curriculum coverage.

Her favourite lessons consist of lots of creative/messy play experiences, where our pupils can use their imagination to learn new skills and develop their artistic expression. 


Miss Jade

Miss Jade teaches in our Saplings Phase of Education which focuses on Key Stage 1 curriculum coverage. She joined Active Wellbeing in June 2022.

Miss Jades favourite subject is science and it has been since she was in school herself! She loves how fascinating science can be and if experiments don’t go to plan, there’s always something to be learned!


Miss Sharon

Miss Sharon has worked at Active Wellbeing since September 2021 and works in the Trees Phase of our school which focuses on Lower Key Stage 2 curriculum coverage. 

Miss Sharron loves teaching all subjects but art is her favourite! She is passionate about the use of art to underpin all other subjects, making them more fun and interesting for her pupils.


Miss Lucy

Miss Lucy teaches in the Blossom Phase of Active Wellbeing School. She has worked at Active Wellbeing School since January 2022 and the children in her class are exposed to a Key Stage 2 curriculum.

Miss Lucy has created a warm, welcome classroom environment where every child has an equal opportunity to learn and share new experiences. She is also passionate about providing a fun classroom where children can flourish with positive role models around them. 


Miss Danielle

Miss Danielle is our school SENCO and has worked at Active Wellbeing School since September 2022.

Her classroom is a happy, inclusive and supportive environment, where she promotes the growth of trust and mutual respect. 

Miss Danielle is passionate about physical education and outdoor learning. She understands that a wellbeing approach to learning boosts self-esteem and offers the opportunity to connect well with others. 


Miss Rebecca

Meet the latest member of our Active Wellbeing family, Miss Rebecca!

Meet our other team members!

Miss Jess

Teaching Assistant

Miss Tanya

Teaching Assistant

Miss Audra

Teaching Assistant

Miss Vicky

Teaching Assistant

Miss Tilly

Teaching Assistant

Miss Hannah

Teaching Assistant

Miss Tracey

Teaching Assistant

Miss Ashley

Teaching Assistant

Mr Mike

Head Chef

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